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Past Recipients

Heart of Carolina Service Award was presented from 1997 through 2005. In 2006, it was renamed in honor of our member to the Christine Hyatt Service Award

1997—Christine Hyatt

1998—Sarah Winn

1999—Emilie Rose

2000—Merle Finch

2001—Angie Narron Sabrina Jeffries

2003—Renae Hand

2004—Jeannie Dees

2005—Adele San Miguel

2006—Elizabeth Fensin

2007—Sonja Foust

2008—Lynne Scoggins

2009—Marica Abercrombie – Katharine Ashe

2010—Beth Caudill

2011—Jennifer Delamere

2012—Ava Stone

2013—Deb Marlowe

2014—Olivia Kelly

2015—Andris Bear, Susi Nonnemacher

2016—no award issued

2017—Merle Finch

2018—Linda Johnston

2019—Sherri Hollister (award presented in April, 2020)

2020—Beth Bolden

2021—Nancy Lee Badger

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